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golden Psychorose

Meet The Folks:


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about us 

Who We Are


We are a strong little family of three females - a mother with two  adult daughters - full of creative ideas.


About our Mom Yvonne - head of our family: 

She was born and brought up in the multi-cultural and international harbour city Hamburg in Germany. Already since childhood she had been interested in fashion and all kind of handicrafts, and after school, she graduated in the fashion master class. She is fond of the 80's music, and doesn't miss one good festival with a good line up... Yvonne is full of joy and inspiration and has a great, social heart....


My daughters Francisca and Carolin are my muses... While Carolin is going her own way, Francisca loves to design fashion with me. A storm of happiness  describes Francisca perfectly. Her extravagant ideas about dressing herself, her outstanding punky hairstyle, her faible for Oldtimer cars and her love for Music - actually her entire lifestyle inspire me day by day.... 


What We Do


We design, create and sew textile beauties....


Skirts with tulle petticoats and exceptional textile design for individual women.


Stunning pillows, that allow a glance of luxury in every home....  Each is unique, but still easy to combine! 




What We Believe


It all started with a birthday present for Franciscas friend Rebecca! For her we have sewn the very first pussycoat and as we liked it so much, we  made one ​​for Francisca too. After a short while, more and more friends and neighbors asked for such an extravagant piece, so we started with a small production, which can be bought online in our shop. 


Since a short while, we also make these fantastic pillows, which will give your home a glance of luxury... 


We are full of crazy ideas - let's see, what comes next....


How We Work


Gorgeous fabrics, colourful clouds of tulle, threads, zips, and extraordinary buttons finaly compose to unique products, such as punky skirts,  awsome pillows, bags, funny doorstopers and relaxing neck pillows


Every single pussycoat is unique, done by us with lots of love with awsome, high quality fabrics. The skirts come in three various lenghts and sizes.

We can also respect your whishes and will design your special dream pussycoat!